Registration Attendance
The College offers variety of tuition to suit most students. All examination courses are available on a full-time / part-time basis, entailing at least 18 hours of teaching time per week. Private study of 15 to 20 hours per week will be required apart from the 18 hours tuition per week to complete the course, totalling an average of 38 hours (including private study, project assignment and attendance).Individual subjects may also be studied, either for examination purposes or just to gain extra knowledge. Fees for membership and examination for professional bodies are not included in our tuition fees.

Students are responsible for keeping up to date with any changes in the terms and conditions of the college. If an application is renewed or a fresh application is made the latest terms and conditions will apply.

Once the course starts, fees will not be transferable or refundable except for unavoidable reasons.

Students are responsible for their own examination and registration fees.

Students must attend 85% of classroom activities.

We do not accept any students under 18 years of age. The Tanzanian students must bring their original qualification certificates at the time of taking admission on any course. While as overseas students can provide us with the scan copy or photocopy of their previous qualification certificates & passport, but they must produce all original documents on arrival.

Students who will not be able to attend classes should submit their reason in writing to reception. Teachers will be marking attendance only for those in class. Exceptions will be dealt by the administration.Student will not be allowed into class more than 30 minutes after commencement, and will consequently receive a half-class attendance mark. Two half-class marks equal one class, so latecomers will have to attend twice as many classes to gain the same attendance as punctual students.

Student who are persistently late for class, morning or afternoon, or arrive late after the break, will have attendance marks lowered accordingly, to properly reflect their attendance. To get the attendance marks, students must actually be in class.

Please note that if you arrive more than 30 minutes late for a class WITHOUT A GOOD REASON, you will not be allowed in the classroom.

Any Absences of 3 or more days must be supported by a DoctorТ’s Certificate, on your return to the college.

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