Student Services

Student Welfare

Advice will be given to all our students about all kinds of problems from losing passports, to finding a local doctor.

We offer help to open a bank account. We will try our best to make sure that our studentsТ’ time with us enjoyable & learning experience.

Every assistance will be given to all students to ensure that they should enrol on a course that is appropriate, and of real benefit to them. Students will be encouraged to consult members of staff about their progress and to discuss any topics they find difficulties.

The college will be arranging wide range of afternoon, weekend and evening activities

(including sightseeing tours and visiting places of historical and cultural interest to entertain and provide overseas students with insights about social culture of Zanzibar).

We will organise social events for our students during the year, which include: parties, evenings in cafes, restaurants, visit to museums, parks etc.

Each class will follow a course handbook according to the college Syllabus, and will be supplemented by our extensive resources of other materials.

Students will be advised to buy the course book and any accompanying work books. Students must have their course books with them when they attend classes.

Students and teachers can borrow books from the library. The free Internet room will be available every working day from 09-30am to 04-30pm. Students wishing to relax can go to the Coffee room.

We are in a process to set up the Library, which would be publicly available on a FREE membership basis.

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